जोड़ी काउंट चार्ट

मटका जोड़ी काउंट चार्ट

जोड़ी के दोनों अंको ओपन और क्लोज को आपस में जोड़ने से जो टोटल आता है यह टोटल 1 या 2 अंको का आ सकता है यदि टोटल 1 अंक में आता है जैसे जोड़ी 12 बनती है तो 1+2=3 तो 3 इस जोड़ी का जोड़ी काउंट कहलायेगा लेकिन टोटल 2 अंकों का बनता है जैसे 28 जोड़ी बनी तो 2+8=10 तो हम 10 को भी आपस में जोड़ देंगे जैसे 1+0=1 तो 1 इस 28 की जोड़ी का जोड़ी काउंट कहलायेगा

NOTE:जोड़ी का टोटल और काउंट दोनों अलग अलग समीकरण हैं


Discovering the Secrets of Matka Jodi Count Chart

Hello everyone, welcome to Dpboss.com. Today we are presenting you with the Matka Jodi Count Chart. This is yet another very helpful chart to contribute to your enhanced gameplay and overall productivity in the Sutta Matka game.

So, let's understand what it is, and how it helps you. Here is the Matka Jodi Count Chart where the total that comes by adding both the open and close digits of the pair. This total can be 1 or 2 digits, If the total you find out consists of a single digit, like the pair becomes 1 and 2 then 1 plus 2, then we need to add both numbers, and it will give an answer.

In this case, it will give 3, so 3 is a pair of this pair, and it will be called count. But the total is made up of 2 digits like 28, 28 pairs are formed, then 2 plus 8 is equal to 10. So, this is the logic, and we will add 10 together Like 1 plus 0 is equal to 1. Then 1 So, now in the last we have 1, this pair of 28 will be called count So, I hope you understand what pair is and what is count.

One thing to note is that the total and count of the pairs are two different equations. So, you must take care of these, and understand the logic behind both. Now, below we have the Matka Jodi Count Chart. This chart shows you count 0, 00, count 1 It shows some numbers in count 1.

Then it shows some more numbers in count 2, count 3, Count 4, count 5 till count 9. So, all the data is here in front of you for your easiness, and you can easily understand, and analyze the data to use the pair and count formulas for understanding the winning numbers in a better way.

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